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Jack Tarlin
08-25-2005, 12:49
It's now only a few weeks til the Whiteblaze get-together in Caratunk, Maine.

Who's planning to attend?

Also, Troll, could you please post something about the event, time/place, and what, if anything, you'd like folk to bring. Perhaps if you were to list some of the things you think you'll need, different attendees could volunteer to bring that particular item.

I hope this year's turnout is as good as last year's; I also hope that more folks help out with either food, drink, or better yet, contributions. Last year it was Troll and his family, along with Steve Longley, who took a pretty good financial hit on the party, i.e. they ended up paying for most of the weekend themselves. I hope LOTS of Whiteblaze folks show up in Caratunk, and I hope we all pitch in to help make the event even better than it was last year.

See you there!

walkin' wally
08-25-2005, 14:12
I am planning to attend the gathering at Caratunk again this year barring any personal disasters... I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

I will be bringing supplies to help out with the food again etc.

I am hoping to meet more of the Whiteblaze members that can attend and a bunch of thru-hikers too I thought we had a great time last year. We had a lot of fun and there were lots of trail stories, great food and a campfire at night etc.

I'm looking forward to seeing you Jack, PCM 25, ATtroll, Steve The Ferryman and the rest of the gang.

Any Whiteblazers coming up from 'down south' ? :sun

08-25-2005, 16:50
I was just going to inquire the other day since no one had posted anything about it since July. I hope to attend since I've squashed my LT plans for september. It would be nice to co-ordinate some sort of a work trip with MATC or Steve with so many able bodies in the same area, though I don't know if the event is long enough. I'd certainly love to organize something if we could. Weary, any chance of this?

Anyway, hope to hear how the planning is coming and how I can help.

08-25-2005, 18:24
i plan on coming up if i can get the time off.might be only able to come up for the 10th only.

08-26-2005, 12:55
I am starting to buy the hamburger for ithis event now and making hte patties up and freezing them. I have only bought it in unmade patties in the past and hand made it from the best stuff. I don't get any premade patties for our group, they deserve the best. As like last year I have no idea how many to buy. I think we had 200 patties last year but I am thinking there will be more people this year. So it is a gamble as to how much to buy. It will work out though. It looks like if we run short Blister will be there and she has offered to be our slave for the weekend. Thats scary as to what she meant but that. LOL.

Anyways. If anyone wants to help me they can send me a PM and we will work something out as to what to bring. We are planning on having some type of hiker breakfast on Sunday also.

09-04-2005, 18:44
What are is or are the dates? I have the 9th and 10th of Sept. in mind but am not sure. I thought there would be more notice but it is my fault I didn't write the dates down when Attrol announced the function. I'll be on the AT on Bigelow tomorrow and my wife will be in the 100 mile wilderness this week. This is a unbelieveable time to be hiking in Maine. I spend every fall day I can in the alpine zone. The mountain cranberries are ripe, ready, plentiful and wonderful when boiled with a little honey. The late summer weather is awesome in Maine this year.

09-04-2005, 18:56
More information is listed under the forum of site happenings - Moxie I am looking forward to seeing you there - it's been years since we attended church together! I'm excited to see folks as well as getting into the wilderness at its conslusion. Rock on!

TJ aka Teej
09-04-2005, 20:24
I'm stopping by, either on my way to or from Katahdin depending how the weather shakes out. See you there, and/or at the Gathering!