View Full Version : Insta-weather visual for Grayson Highlands, VA

Alleghanian Orogeny
12-09-2013, 17:24
I don't know how long it's been up, but the Boone, NC weather forecaster Raysweather.com now has a webcam atop the Grayson National Bank building at Whitetop, VA. The branch bank is in the Whitetop community, located on US 58 about a mile west of the Route 600 intersection. It's aimed southwest. See webcams at www.raysweather.com.

Also, in partnership with the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, Ray's runs real-time weather stations at many locations along the BRP in NC and VA. None are directly related to AT conditions south of Roanoke, VA, but there are 4 real-time stations between Roanoke and Rockfish Gap. See www.brpweather.com.

It's been said before but bears repeating: Ray's Weather is a superlative resource for the micro-climate forecasting needs of the high country along the NC-TN border. I am glad to see the new webcam in the Whitetop community as well as the stations along the BRP.


The Solemates
12-09-2013, 18:44
looks cold and white up there right now!