View Full Version : Oregon PCT: Santiam to Olallie, and more

08-27-2005, 16:42
I swore a few weeks back in another thread that I would try my best to make Oregon appear ugly and the results are now online. Since the page is picture rich, I'm just posting a link to the report:


As usual, there are far more words than are called for, but I felt like writing the last few days. I'm heading out in a couple more days to hike in the Pasayten Wilderness (just south of Canada, just east of the North Cascades NP), partly on the PCT. There is nothing I can do to make the Pasayten ugly, unfortunately. After that, assuming I still have the strength, I'll be hitting the Wonderland Trail, although I don't think I'll be able to try a 2 day hike with Pencil Pusher, as we had planned: All my trips since getting back from the CDT have had a strict 4 pm cocktail hour, and I really like having 120 proof rum in the afternoon.

Incidently, if anyone wants to come out for a 5 day WT hike, I'm thinking of starting on the 10th or 11th of September. I don't have a permit, but don't think it will be too hard to score one then. Send me an email if interested.

08-28-2005, 12:21
Always loved your hike reports. Can't wait to read this one. Thanks!