View Full Version : Big Agnes Tent Exclusives at REI?

12-12-2013, 17:26
What's up with Big Agnes Tents right now?

REI has many BA tents flagged as an REI Exclusive (through 1/2/14). Yet theses tents have been and are available all over the place. A few examples would include various sizes of Copper Spur and Fly Creek.

I wondered if they were referring to 2014 models, because the specifications at REI seem to be different than at other web sites (but then they've messed up specifications before).

If I go to the Big Agnes web side, they don't mention anything getting updated for 2014 (and actually, the Copper Spur is listed as updated for 2012).

The only thing else that seems to possibly hint that REI is selling 2014 models is that REI is selling them for full retail while many other retailers are selling them for 20% to 35% discounts.

12-12-2013, 17:29
i was at an REI last week, and while i didnt look at big agnes products----i asked about a new MSR hubba hubba NXT (i think) tent and asked about the sign saying it was exclusive to REI...

My question (besides the price) was what made it exclusive to REI----as in, was it being manufactured only for REI...

the response i got was that it was exclusive to REI as it was first being sold at REI for a few months before it was going to be sold through other outlets....

hope that answers your question...