View Full Version : Boots for my weird arches? / Thicker barefoot shoes

12-15-2013, 23:09
If this shouldn't be posted in the gear review section, Mods, please move it. I just saw others asking for advice here too!

For my foot size (women's 6.5), my arches sit farther forward than what most shoes seem to comfortably allow. In most boots I've tried (the Moab mids come particularly to mind), the arch support presses on the muscle right behind my arch (abductor?) and cause soreness quickly. This happens when day-hiking in my chacos too if my foot isn't strapped in just right, resulting in extreme soreness that lasts well into the next few days. Can anyone suggest boots that will accommodate my arches? I've also been told I'll just have to beat my feet out being sore. Is this the case?

I also wonder if a wide width shoe might change the arch position? I'm pretty sure I could do a wide width by haven't had a chance to check any out, since none of my local stores carry anything but medium width.

Even though I'm currently looking for boots for more support, I do use and like trail runners / minimalist shoes but occasionally experience stone bruising. Can anyone suggest barefoot / minimalist shoes with a slightly thicker sole than my Fivefingers? I have Treksports and Bikilas. I think these both have 4mm soles.


12-16-2013, 03:30
Sounds like what you need is a custom orthotic made, then you would have many more options of shoes to choose from.

12-16-2013, 06:18
Altra has zero drop shoes that are slightly thicker. I think the Lone Peak has a rock plate too. The only reservation I have about the Lone Peaks is that I find their traction on wet rock to be less than I like. Everywhere else they served me well. I wore one pair for 200+ miles of my AT thru until they fell apart just before Smokies. (They had a lot of prior use.)

12-16-2013, 07:42
Altras and brooks seem to have a more forward arch. Powersole insoles are more forward than the superfeet. I like them a lot better.

12-16-2013, 13:31
I have awful problems with boots/hiking shoes including what you describe, and finally decided to get a trail runner in the brand of athletic shoe/everyday sneaker I have found most comfortable: my old mowing shoes of 5 years are Asics. Check out their website, trail runners for all foot types. I LOVE mine which are the Gel Scout.