View Full Version : Liner with a Quilt......added warmth + a summer bag???

12-18-2013, 20:47
Wonder if anyone uses a Sea-to-Summit liner with a quilt like a EE Rev 20 degree quilt....seems like the best of both worlds. Thoughts?

12-18-2013, 21:03
I've used S2S liners and they add minimal warmth. Maybe a couple degrees.. not the 15 they claim.

kayak karl
12-18-2013, 21:29
I've used S2S liners and they add minimal warmth. Maybe a couple degrees.. not the 15 they claim.

same here not much temp difference. i used mine in my hammock, but cut a head-hole and two arm holes in it and wore it like a night shirt. i found silk long-johns as a better option. duel use.

12-18-2013, 22:43
I'd use the liner. It keeps you from sticking to the sleeping mat and helps reduce drafts. In the summer I'll start out with just the liner for a blanket and then pull my sleeping bag over me later, using it like a quilt. It can get a bit chilly near dawn, even if it was unsufferably hot when you went to bed.

12-18-2013, 22:48
I use a cocoon silk liner with my Rev X. Probably adds 5 degrees

12-19-2013, 12:47
Have used both the S2S 100% silk rectangular standard gaining about 5-7* of warmth and the 100% silk mummy w/ hood gaining 6-8* of warmth paired with a Enlightened Equipment Prodigy 50* quilt. S2S states their 100% silk models add up to 10* of warmth. Other models made of other materials(cotton, Cool Max, Fleece, Thermolite hollow core fiber(don't know what that is) are claimed to add up to 25* of warmth such as the Reactor Thermolite series. Don't know about those claims on those models because I don't gear up that way.
http://seatosummit.com/products/display/22 http://seatosummit.com/products/cat/1

12-19-2013, 14:09
In this informative and well done! tech excerpt, by Cocoon Liners, you might note the wide temp variances in the different types of liners based on the fabric they are made from and to some extent by their styles(shape for instance). Don't make the mistake of lumping all bag liners together as if they are the same. Cocoon makes some of the Best in terms of wt, accurate temp increases, etc


12-19-2013, 14:10
I strongly recommend you browse Cocoon's website.