View Full Version : Springer for New Year

12-25-2013, 13:09
I love living in Montana…but it is rather difficult to get from here to Springer for the annual pilgrimage to Springer the way I used to do.

Who's going to Springer this New Year's Eve?

Del Q
12-25-2013, 13:11
I was thinking about thay on my short hike on local trail this morning. For years TREK was there for his January 1st start.

12-25-2013, 15:04
How many times has TREK thru'd?

12-25-2013, 16:53
I wish. We have a standing NYE date with our monthly potluck/music jam group. It's a blast, but I still miss being in the mountains for New Year's Eve.

kayak karl
12-25-2013, 21:34
How many times has TREK thru'd?
i think it was 9 in '09, but im not sure what he said. i lost track of him on his 2010 hike.