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12-25-2013, 20:24
Interesting in hearing from those that have experienced celebrating New Years Eve/Day on Springer Mountain! What was your experience?
Also, is there anyone going to Springer Mountain in the next few days for New Years Eve?
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

12-25-2013, 20:52
I made an annual New Year pilgrimage for close to a decade. There are usually some SOBOs finishing, some NOBOs starting, and some partiers partying. The amount of partying depends on the weather--some years one can stand around a bonfire for hours; some years one needs to dive into tent and sleeping bag as early as possible. Weather can range from forties and raining to single digits, windy, and brutally cold.

My preferred system was to spend the night of Dec. 30th at Josh and Leigh's hostel in Dahlonega, then get a shuttle to Amicalola on the 31st. I usually hiked to Neels Gap by the evening of Jan. 2nd, then either got a shuttle back to Dahlonega or had gotten my car to Neels Gap.

If you are an AT obsessive and have the ability to get there, do it!

12-26-2013, 06:15
last year was very dead, none of the regulars were there - I got to the shelter about 9pm and no one was moving

Ron Haven
12-26-2013, 14:15
If any of you attempt it, I am open at Budget Inn of Hiawassee (http://hiawasseebudgetinn.com/) and Sapphire Inn (http://thesapphireinn.com) of Franklin. If you need a shuttle or a place to stay, call us.

The Solemates
12-28-2013, 23:17
Won't be in the woods over New Years for the first time in years this year. In Hawaii instead! :)