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genetic claybuilding
12-26-2013, 14:05
I bought a GoLite Odyssey a couple years ago but have never used it. My main pack is a ULA Expedition that I've had for years, and it's bulletproof.

For a coming winter trip, I thought I'd use the Odyssey. During test packing, the stitching at the top came undone. So the Odyssey is useless, and I'll go back to my old reliable ULA.

Since this is a winter trip, I'll need a bit more cargo room, and have thought of cutting off the top compartment of the Odyssey and attaching it to the ULA Expedition. That would be a near-perfect pack. I'd thought of calling a seamstress who does alterations to clothing, but she might not do a good job with backpacks. Obviously, the stitching has to be very strong and carefully done (a lesson GoLite should learn).

So, does anyone know of a company that does this type of custom surgery on packs?

Tipi Walter
12-26-2013, 14:14
Check out

12-26-2013, 16:14
i would just contact golite and explain situation to them.......

my guess (and granted, ive never dealt with them) is that they will repair the pack...

you may have to pay for shipping.....

i know i had a stitching problem with my gregory pack and they said ship it to them----they'd repair it for free........and they had it back to me within a week....

its amazing what a little customer service will do......

12-26-2013, 16:21
John at Bearpaw does pack mods I believe.

Tipi Walter
12-26-2013, 16:21
its amazing what a little customer service will do......

Depends on the company, of course. On my last trip my Exped Downmat delaminated and blew a baffle and I just emailed them with a couple pics and in 4 days had a brand new pad, no questions otherwise. Of course it was product failure, a difference than normal wear and tear.

12-26-2013, 16:31
same with big agnes.......i've returned 3 pads to them already and had them replaced free of charge....

i'd imagine golite would be the same way as they are somewhat of a "cottage" industry and have a good name in the backpacking world.....

it doesnt hurt to try.........after all, it takes, ummm, maybe 30 seconds to craft an email to them.....the least they can do is say no..........

12-26-2013, 22:27
I was raised by a seamstress nanny (she was trying to retire from seamstressing but couldn't seem to give it up) and have a good relationship with one of my local ones. And based on my personal experience, if you explain what you need and what it is for, you will get rugged, tough stitching with good quality outdoor thread. Have no worries on that one.

Mind you, there is a difference between a seamstress and a tailor.

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12-26-2013, 22:29
My local seamstress has helped me make Frankenstein gear as well as some DIY (since I don't have an industrial machine that can stitch webbing). That gear has worn beautifully.

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genetic claybuilding
01-12-2014, 14:24
GoLite was willing to repair the pack, but the turnaround time was 4-6 weeks. So I found a local seamstress who handles leather and other heavy materials, and she did a great job attaching the GoLite top to the ULA. Very strong stitching.

01-12-2014, 20:00
1+ on the local seamstress. For something too thick for them to handle such as a pack strap I went to an upholstery shop.

01-12-2014, 21:31
Looks up your local cobbler, they probably also repair jackets. They will be able to repair your pack ASAP, and easily. Granted, they may not be native English speakers, and it may not exactly be the same thread type, but it will likely be bombproof. And ready next day. Otherwise, like others have said, I say send it in for work.

kayak karl
01-12-2014, 22:30
don't forget people that sew boat sails and also awning makers.