View Full Version : Toe joint arthritis: Prep?

Auntie Mame
08-29-2005, 16:09
In early stages of planning thru hike for '07. In last couple years, intermittant pain in r. big toe joint really acts up. Any folks with experience in hiking with this px? Any preparatory things I might do to alleviate most of distress? Last big hike was '96, 100 mile wilderness. CAN she make a comeback?! Thanks.

08-29-2005, 16:44
first thing is to determine whether or not it is gout - if it is gout then there are some meds to drop your uric acid - allopurinol for example

if it is not gout then start taking glucosamine - its an otc diatary supplement that works well for relieving arthritis - if you are already taking glucosamine you may want to add MSM as another supplement - talk it over with your doc. especially if taking extra calcium also