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12-28-2013, 21:55
Headed to Chocorua for an overnight on the mountain this week. Looks like there will be 10 inches of new powder and -8 degrees at night. Anyone know how much of a base to expect? Planning to use microspikes, but no snowshoes. Comments welcome. Sorry if this isnt the best category to post this in.

12-28-2013, 22:13
if you are taking Champney falls trail, there is one section about 3/4 way up that is almost better with crampons. I was on it once with some friends who were freaked out as their spikes were not giving them the traction they needed and next was a slide off a steep slope with nothing to hold on to.

12-29-2013, 11:25
Yes, planning to take Champney trail and camping at Liberty cabin. Can anyone report the trail conditons this week? I'm wondering if snowshoes are bettter than crampons. Thanks

12-29-2013, 14:12
Considering we just had heavy rain followed by an ice storm last weekend with 1/4 of ice, followed by sub zero temps and now with the potentual for 6" of snow on top of that, conditions are going to be treacherous. Be prepared for downed trees and tree limbs due to the ice between 2000 and 3000 feet. It might have warmed up enough to melt most of the ice off the trees, but don't count on it higher up. Right now it's 37 degrees a bit farther north then Chocorua, so I'm hoping we don't get more rain/ice before it turns into snow.

I would proably want rigid boots with step in crampons in addition to snowshoes to tackle the trails right now.

The potentual for avalanches are there too with the layer of ice under the new snow. Stay away from cliffs!

12-29-2013, 16:46
Hmmm... my last winter climb up that trail was indeed trecherous with 1/4 inch of ice on the rocky summit. My gear is always a compromise of "what I would have if I did this for a living' and what I scrounge up for a few sections hikes. For instance, I wish I have a bag capable of -8. Kinda wish I had hard boots with crampons and a set of snowshoes too. Its a short enought trail that we can return in our footprints if continuing looks stupid. Thanks for the current ground conditions.

12-29-2013, 18:06
I just got a report from someone who went up tripyramid this weekend, which is in the same area your going. "Crampons were required". Really, I would expect the trail to be a solid ice flow right now and when covered with a few inches of new snow, which will likely be a very wet snow to start and then freeze solid when it goes sub zero Tuesday, it should make for very difficult conditions. Good luck.

I'm debating if I want to spend new years on Mt Adams as I have the last few years. It's gonna be wicked cold and I'm getting soft in my old age...

12-29-2013, 18:20

a tad north of chcoura but still a valuable reminder of current and near future possible conditions on some peeks.. lots of sno pack changes going on due to the current weather pattern. the pattern should change DRAMATICALY in the next week with a manitoba mauler heading in ffrom the north..BE PREPARED!!!

01-01-2014, 15:24
Thanks for your comments. THe overnight hike to Chocorua was awsome! A foot of fresh powder arrived just before we did. The entire mountain was encased in an inch of ice beneath one to three feet of powder. The first couple miles were packed by snowshoe folks headed to the ice climbing on the frozen waterfalls. The rest was slow going through powder and blazes were no to be seen. We trudged through deep snow on icy slopes for an hour after sunset while looking for the cabin. Temperatures dropped to negative 8. We were relieved to find shelter. The adrenalein was high and there were lots of exciting moments. Regarding safety, there was no wind or new snow falling, so our fallback plan was to retrace our steps back to the truck with headlamps if needed. We began the summit the next morning, before sunrise. Lots of scrambling and extemely difficult to follow a trail even after sun-up. Best views ever at the summit! I posted a few.

01-02-2014, 02:17
Congrats Trailrunner! Chocorua's beautiful from a few miles away, and no doubt gorgeous from up close and in person. Nice pics - really like the westward view from the summit.

01-02-2014, 05:04
nice job trailrunner. im glad u had a safe and fun trip up mt chocura. i have been up chocura 3 times but yet to do it in winter with snow and ice as part of the challenge. hiking in the winter seems to boost adrenaline and highten the senses way above normal levels. winter can be a very rewarding time for hiking if u have everything dialed in but on the other hand if your not ready then it could end ugly.....