View Full Version : irony in action

12-31-2013, 18:43
Hello to all and a early Happy New Years !

Well I went and did it... I got some new Keen Tarhees mid.

I admit defeat. I have looked, and tried everything that my size 12 ee wide feet can stand. As I mentioned before In my prevoius posts, this is not a world for a wide footed man :)

The ironic thing is that this REI had a word of mouth Garage sale and guess how many Keens were in there? I was this close to not making my purchase.

Wish me luck


01-01-2014, 18:59
Be aware that not all Keens are created equal. Some models of the Keen hiking boots use a different last and can be quite narrow at the toe. If you need to resupply mid hike be sure to order the same model or buy in person.


01-05-2014, 17:50
I guess I didn't make myself clear:

The ironic part was that most of the soles of these keens were coming off or plain worn off. I'm assuming that with REI's new one year policy, this were out occured then. I really almost turned around.