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08-30-2005, 11:15
If anyone is curious did a 20 mile hike this past weekend in RMNP
in the Mummy Range.

Half of it was off trail. Their is the first hint of
fall in the high country. Heard an elk bugle -always a
sign of fall is on the way. The willows were tinged
with yellow and I hiked good portion of the day in my
long sleeve poly shirt.

I love off trail hiking. Other than two lost
Denverites (they somehow got off the trail. I hope our
directions pointed them in the correct way!), did not
see anyone.

Large vallies, alpine ridges. Views all way to the
Zirkel wildnerss far to the north. Could see the
Rawahs along the Poudre River. Think I could barely
make out the Medicine Bows up in Wyoming up by
Footslogger's neck of the woods.

I have had some awesome days hiking in Colorado this
summer. This day was one of the most spectacular.

Life was good.

I am stuck in town next Saturday, so do not know if I
am getting any big adventures over Labor Day.

However, Sept 10th I am doing another off trail hike
starting at Milner Pass on the actualy Continental
Divide, up to Sprague Pass and then back on trail to
Bear Lake. This entire trip will be on or near the
physical divide, and with the exception of a fairly
brief stretch from Flattop, off trail.

After that, in Italy on Sept 13th. Will be meeting a
Luciano Magnanti - my late grandfather's first cousin
(who I just found out about last month). Should be
doing some hiking in the Appenines (where my family
immigrated from). No word of an IDT (Italian Divide
Trail. :D )

Pics: http://gallery.backcountry.net/co05?&page=37

Hammock Hanger
08-30-2005, 12:23
Nice pics, Mags. I have only hiked in Colorado a little, mostly when snow was on the ground. Got to do the Maroon Bells in the fall. Hope to get out to do the CT in the next couple of years. Thanks for sharing. Sue

08-30-2005, 12:53
Your quite lucky to live out there! I am looking forward to hitting the trail next year for a serious thru hike. The beautiful nuggets of the trail I did this year have me addicted.