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08-30-2005, 16:31
My friend and I currently have the intent to hike as much as we can of the AT as we can in three months: June, July and August. My friend will be 16 and I will be 15. He is a fairly experienced hiker. Although I am not as experienced as him, I have hiked before. We both love the outdoors and have no problem with roughing it. Our problem is what section we should hike. We live in Buffalo, NY. If anyone has an idea for us, please post. Please do not post saying we are too young to be hiking the AT on our own.

Lone Wolf
08-30-2005, 16:34
Take a train to Harpers Ferry, W. Va. and hike north from there to Katahdin. Take your time. Use all 3 months to do it.

The Solemates
08-30-2005, 17:00
personally, i think the extreme ends of the AT are the most scenic. so, if you can work out the logistics and can afford it, I would suggest starting at springer, hiking 1.5 months or so and knocking out GA, NC, TN and southern VA. quit somewhere around troutville. Then get to Hanover, NH, and hike north from there, taking 1.5 months to knock out NH and ME.

08-30-2005, 17:32
Depends whether you want to be in the thick of the thru-hiker circus or on your own. I'd start in Damascus and take your time going north. You should be able to get to Massachussets/Vermont in 3 months taking your time. Virginia is one of the best stretches and June would be a good, but hot time to do it.

An alternative would be to start at Katahdin (taking public transpo to Bangor) and hike south. You'd be able to get to Pennsylvania or Harpers Ferry (where you can get a train home) and could travel with some SOBO's and run into NOBO's.

You really can't go wrong with any section (except maybe pennsylvania :) )

09-08-2005, 10:24
If you like roughin' it, then i would hike in Maine at least for some of your trip...I think that was one of the most beautiful states and it had the feeling of being completely wilderness...also the river crossings and abundant ponds/rivers made trail life even more exciting...so if i had the money I would probably follow the advice of The Solemates and also A-Train...Penn. would not be my choice...and doing all of Virginia might give you the blues, but otherwise there's beauty and wilderness everywhere on the trail.

09-08-2005, 12:53
goto big K and walk home

09-08-2005, 13:54
Start in CT, perhaps in Kent, and hike north. You'll probably get to Special K before the 3 months are up. But, for a first time long distance hike, it may be best to keep the end-point manageable. There is very little of scenic value from Harpers Ferry to Kent. Even better would be to get in fighting shape and hike southbound from Special K to as far south as you want to go. A big benefit of this is that you'll be able to migrate with the rest of the southbound tribe and get a big part of the AT experience.

the goat
09-08-2005, 14:04
i would definitely do maine. whether you start there or end there, you gotta hike there.