View Full Version : Modified 15MPD XLS

01-03-2014, 22:07
Hi All,
Was a bit bored so decided to play around a bit: I took the "Thru Hike Planning Spreadsheet, 15 mile plan" from the Articles and modified it to include mileages from the 2014 AT Companion. I left most things as they were, just adding some "auto-calc" functions for the mileages and Miles Per Day. Just thought maybe someone may find it useful. I'll use this as a guideline myself but I plan on some zero days which aren't included here and will likely modify where I stay. It's a good starting point. And many thanks to whomever took the time initially to put the spreadsheet together - made it easy for me to just fill in the new mileages.

01-04-2014, 00:16
one note in Pearisburg, VA the Rendezvous Motel burned last year.