View Full Version : WTB: light cookware, compression sack, bag liner

Ruthie 2014
01-04-2014, 22:21
(1) Looking for lightweight cooking pot ~1L (0.8L - 1.3L ish) with lid, and lightweight mug/cup

(2) Waterproof compression sack (10 - 20 L)

(3) lightweight sleeping bag liner that adds warmth

Thanks! PM me with details

01-05-2014, 00:56
I have one of these, yellow 13L: http://www.granitegearstore.com/eVent-Sil-Compression-Drysacks-P142C52.aspx

And one of these: http://www.slumberjack.com/p-568-slumberwick-mummy-liner.aspx

You can have them both for just the cost of shipping. Let me know.