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01-06-2014, 22:24
Anybody got one?

01-06-2014, 22:34
Yeah! I loan it out when I take a first timer. That pack can carry a small Volkswagon.

01-06-2014, 23:02
I've got one from the 70's that is still in great condition. The only thing wrong with it (beside the weight of it) is the plastic end caps are missing. But I was still using mine until I bought an REI Flash last year.

01-06-2014, 23:37
Still use mine. I'm a big fella, fits me like a glove. Don't carry a Volkswagen, more of a Toyota guy :-)

01-07-2014, 07:03
No Kelty but an Alpenlie - the pinnacle of external frame packs!

01-07-2014, 09:07
Anybody got one?

i have a 5500ci tioga (2007 model?) in patriot blue, it's not a super tioga. i don't think they make those anymore.

i'm looking to sell the one i have...it can easily get too heavy for me (5' 7" 145lbs.). it's really comfortable and can carry just about anything you need, including the kitchen sink.
the pack is in almost new condition and has maybe 100 miles and 6 or 7 nights use. i took pictures of it yesterday with hopes of selling it.
it was $175 new. asking $100 shipped conus.
pm me if you're interested.

if this needs to be bumped to the selling used gear forum, please let me know...my apologies to the moderators.

01-07-2014, 09:15
keep checking e-bay
i bought 2 last week :-)

01-07-2014, 14:40
keep checking e-bay
i bought 2 last week :-) Crumb, are you starting a Tioga museum or cornering the used market or something? [joking]

01-07-2014, 17:34
Crumb, are you starting a Tioga museum or cornering the used market or something? [joking]
like to start doing some serious hiking again soon :-) we have taken a couple road trips out near the trail looking at houses for sale. me & Bear hiked the trail 4 times using externals(2 super tioga's & 1 kelty 50 year anniversary pack) in 2002 kelty made the 50 year anniversary pack with the hour glass shaped framed but also used a lighter stronger fabric, i check e-bay all the time and found 2 super tioga's made after 2002. i now have a Dana Design short bed and 3 super tiogas(2 have the 50th year anniversary frame & fabric and 1 has a standard frame with the newer lighter/stronger fabric) i will post a picture this evening or tomorrow) hope you had a great christmas Buzzard
to each his own but i am a external frame hiker :-)

Don H
01-07-2014, 17:42
Got one, it's black. I bought it new in about 1983.
It weighs more than my pack, sleeping bag and tent combined today.

01-07-2014, 17:53
i will keep hiking with my externals and my hiker pro filter but will be buying lighter newer everything else :-)

01-07-2014, 18:29
...to each his own but i am a external frame hiker :-)
I can understand that!!!

With my Super Tioga, I used to lash my tent to the top cross bar, lash my sleeping bag under the pack, and lash my sleeping pad to the back of the pack.

But when I went to the REI Flash, the only lashing point I had left was under the pack. Now I've got to lash my tent under the pack and find a way to pack everything else I used to carry inside the pack. It's forced me to go smaller/lighter.

2.5# Thermarest LX ==> 1# Neo Air
3.75# 20f sleeping bag ==> 2# 32f sleeping bag
2L/1.5L pot set and 1# shaker jet stove ==> jet boil
1# 21" Sevn saw ==> 5oz 6" folding saw
1# Sweetwater filter ==> 4oz Sawyer Squeeze

01-08-2014, 07:54
I've got a Super Tioga. It's a tough, load carrying monster. It's in excellent shape and I've even got a spare frame for it.

04-19-2014, 19:45
after a few hundred miles i got rid of Bears pack and carried all of our stuff including her air mattress the rest of her hiking days :-)
loved all the pockets on my super tioga could unload or load in minutes