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Sheriff Cougar
01-06-2014, 23:11
I just ran across this info and thought it may be of interest to someone here on Whiteblaze. A way to keep in touch with loved ones and maybe help you out if you get into trouble: www.hikeralert.com
There is a review of this at modernhiker.com You will have to type the links into your browser

How do you get links to work when posting? I am having to type them in because it won't let me paste the link.

01-07-2014, 11:40
5 bucks a year. You log on before your trip, tell them where you are hiking and when to start raising hell when you fail to call in. You load in all your description info about you, your car, tent color, dog etc. one time. For some of us who are not on face book in constant contact with friends and family or have no close friends and family this is a great program. If something happens it won't be 4 months before anyone notices. It works on sailboat trips and is world wide. If you miss a deadline, don't forget to call them!