View Full Version : Falls Village, CT

08-31-2005, 07:04
Heading out this weekend, was wondering if anyone had information on the "free tentsites" behind Toymaker's Cafe? The companion lists them but I can't seem to find them mentioned by anyone else? Also, has anyone rented the cabins (listed at $75) at Mountainside Cafe? Seems like Cafes must be popular in Falls Village... Thanks for the information!

09-06-2005, 07:43
Okay--so we ended up staying at the Toymaker's Cafe and there is definitely room for 3-4 tents (in close proximity). Greg and Annie are the owners of the cafe, and are up bright and early in the morning getting ready for breakfast. Definitely a local place with good food (opens at 7am). The muffin tops are the best. Anyway, this is their house too so you should make sure that they see you before setting up camp. Really nice people. Will stay there again. They didn't charge anything for the tentsites--but since they are running a business (breakfast and lunch) it doesn't hurt to get something on your way out in the morning.

The cafe is really close to the trail. Just as you exit the trail into the extremely well-groomed hydroelectric power plant powerlines area you'll get to a road, take a right (up the hill) and then once at the center of town (this is a very small town) you'll go left and pass White Hart Inn on your right and shortly come to the toymaker's cafe on your right.

Don't know about the cabins, they were full.