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Powder River
01-12-2014, 12:00
Everyone should check out the song "Half Mile Down" by Old Crow Medicine Show. http://open.spotify.com/track/6S8kmGkuJ4iTEgRgegfRhD

It's a great song and tells the story of how TVA moved 751 families and over 1200 graves before flooding the valley. It's some great background history for AT hikers- I like to know the history of places and it makes the places you see that much more meaningful.

Oh, and the rest of the album is awesome as well!

"Yes I look out on that water
Where they made their big mistake
And covered up our hometown
'Neath the godforsaken lake"

Rain Man
01-12-2014, 14:25
You do know you're sending us to a site we are forced to join, right?



01-12-2014, 15:11
Rainman, it takes bogus names and email addresses!
Great song.

Powder River
01-12-2014, 17:34
It was either that or a link to a place to buy the song. Then again, Spotify is pretty awesome.