View Full Version : Southern PA Weekend Hike- February

01-15-2014, 13:16
I am hoping to do a weekend hike in PA where I left off a few years ago. I am thinking of starting at Caledonia State Park and hiking North ~ 30 miles. I will either drive up late Friday night and hike to Quarry Gap Shelter or start at Caledonia on Sat morning. I have a few questions Im hoping some of you PA folks can help with:

-Looking at ATdist.com it looks like I could hike to PA94 which is exactly 30 miles. Would this be a good area to get picked up via a shuttle? I thought I read PA34 (I think it was 34) would be a good spot as well and is 3 miles shy of PA94. Any shuttle recommendations?

- I have heard the rocks don't get bad in PA until further north but I have seen them in the south and with some ice that wouldnt be pretty. Assuming normal conditions until then, should I expect a lot of ice in this section? Do I need anything besides trail runners?

- Any other suggestions, recommendations, etc. about this short section?

Thanks in advance