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Lion King
09-02-2005, 11:00
Just a question, I am trying to get someone to respond from ALDHA about having a screening of my film at the Gathering. I have contacted Bill O' a few times and havent heard back in a couple of months. Does anyone know or can anyone suggest whom I can contact to have the film screened before it is too late to get it on the program?

Also, a few people told me of a auditorium that has great sound that would work well with my film, since it has alot of music, that would be pretty sweet, so if you know the name of it, let me in on that as well.

Hoping to be at The White Blaze Caratunk gathering as well.

09-02-2005, 17:35
Hi King, go to www.aldha.org/wrkshp2.htm for the registration form. How does one go about purchasing your video-i hear it's great. Best Wishes