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01-16-2014, 23:35
Hi everybody. I know there are a bunch of these on whiteblaze, but I would like to post my gear list to get feedback and see what I can cut down on. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

(1) GoLite Jam UL 70 2lb.
(2) Sea-To-Summit Pack Cover 2 ounces
(3) Trash-Bag Pack Liner 1 ounce

Estimated Weight: 3 lb.

Sleep System:
(1) Eno Double Nest Hammock 1 ¼ lb.
(2) ENO Slap Strap Pros ½ lb.
(3) ENO Underbelly Gear Sling ¼ lb.
(4) ENO Guardian Bug Net 1lb.
(5) ENO Pro-Fly Sil Rain Tarp ¾ lb.
(6) Feathered Friends Swallow UL 20 1 3/4lb.
(7) Sleeping Pad-ThermaRest NeoAir XLite ¾ lb.

Estimated Weight: 5 ¼ lb.

Food and Water System:
(1) Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System ½ lb.
(2) 2 Jetboil Fuel Cannister ¼ lb.
(3) Platypus Water System ¼ lb.
(4) Aquamira Water Tablets. ⅛ lb.
(5) Sea-To-Summit Stuff Sack. ⅛ lb.
(6) ZPacks Roll Top Blast Food Bag ⅛ lb.
(7) Spork 1 ounce
(8) Ziplock Bags 2 ounces
(9) Bic Lighter 1 ounce

Estimated Weight: 1 ½ lb.

Walking Gear:
(1) Keen Midcalf Hiking Boots (Wear)
(2) Merrell Minimalist Shoes ½ lb.
(3) ODR Brand Gaiters ¼ lb.
(4) Bug Headnet (Trace Weight)
(5) DEET Spray ⅛ lb.
(6) Permethrin (For Clothing) ⅛ lb.
(7)Trekking Poles (Wear)
(8)Headlight ¼ lb.
(9)Knife ⅛ lb.
(10) Bandana/Hat (Wear)
(11) Plastic Compass 1 ounce

Estimated Weight: 1 ½ lb.


(1) Marmot Super Mica Rain Shell ½ lb.
(2) Marmot Pre-Clip Pants ½ lb.
(3) Under-Armour Shorts (2Pair) ½ lb.
(3) Injinji Liner Toe Socks (3Pair) ⅛ lb.
(4) Merino Wool “Smart-Wool” Socks (2Pair) ¼ lb.
(5) Exofficio Boxer Briefs (2Pair) ⅛ lb.
(6) Golite Manitou Long-sleeve Hiking Top ¼ lb.
(7) Golite Manitou Short-sleeve Hiking Top (2Pair) ½ lb.
(8) Golite BL2 Long-Underwear ¼ lb.
(9) Montebell Thermawrap Jacket ½ lb.

Confirmed Weight: 3 lb.

(1) Ibuprofen Tablets
(2) Fabric Band-Aids
(3) Mole-Skin
(4) Triple Antiobiotic Cream
(5) Body-Glide (Chaffing)
(6) Toilet Paper Wipes
(7) Purrell Hand-Sanitizer (Travel Size)
(8) Toothbrush (Travel Size)
(9) Toothpaste (Travel Size)
(10) Nail-Clippers
(11) Soap
(12) Towel (Travel-Size)
(13) Deodorant (Travel-Size)
(14) Disposable Razor
(15) Baby Powder
(16) Dental Floss
(17) Chapstick
(18) Benadryl
(19) Imodium

Estimated Weight: 2 lb.

Pack Tools:
(1) Needle and Thread
(2) Cable Ties
(3) Gorilla Tape
(4) Extra Shoelaces
(5) Rubber Bands

Estimated Weight: ½ lb.

(1) Mini Kindle ½ lb.
(2) Iphone: ¼ lb.
(3) Ipod Nano ¼ lb.
(4) Charger/Headphones (Trace Weight)
(5) AT Guides (Weight?)
(6) Notepad and Pen ¼ lb

Confirmed Weight: 1 ¼ lb.

Estimated Base Pack Weight W/O Food & Water: 17 ½ lb.

01-16-2014, 23:46
Also worth mentioning that my thru-hike will start on May5th and I intend to finish in 4 months somewhere around the first week of September

01-17-2014, 00:48
I do not see any beer on the list, that could be a problem

01-17-2014, 12:05
I feel like it's overkill for a May 5 start u could prob lose a item or two on your shirts and bottoms. looks like u have 4 pairs of bottoms not including underwear. to each their own . be prepared to change up. I go by the credo if I don't use it every day then I don't take it.,others like camp comfort. I will take 1 pair shorts 1 pair rain proof bottoms and no under wear, but that's what works for me.

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01-18-2014, 01:21
(1) GoLite Jam UL 70 2lb.

Estimated Base Pack Weight W/O Food & Water: 17 ½ lb.

Not the right pack for 17.5 lb base weight.

01-18-2014, 06:28
Not the right pack for 17.5 lb base weight.

why might I ask? I sometimes use the Jam 50 version for longer trips, with a base weight of 13 lbs and I would think the jam70 would be ideal for a 17.5 lb base weight. add in food and water and your getting close to 25lbs which is what that pack is designed for. I would think a backpacker on a budget, the jam series is a pretty good value (usually on sale $79-$99),
and represents an excellent compromise of price ,durability , weight and customer service.

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01-18-2014, 16:32
First a question though. Where are you getting your gear weights? Some of them seem off. I have a Sea to Summit pack cover at 4 oz. Exofficio briefs at 2.5 oz/pair. Rough estimations can be convenient, but margin of errors can add up. You have 70 items listed, which means if item is listed 1 oz lighter than its actual weight, then you're estimation is off by over 4 pounds (an exaggerated example maybe, but the point is that errors can quickly add up). Spend some time tracking down as accurate weights as possible for your items, either by a postal scale or manufacturer listings, and put it in a nice excel spreadsheet,. This will help you decide what is easily lost weight.

Do you need two fuel canisters? I did a quick google search and it seems like you can get ~20 boils per canister.

AWOL guide is 8.3 oz, the Thru Hiker's Companion is 11oz. Obviously these can be cut and bounced.

70L is a pretty big pack. Do you have all of your gear? If so, see if it fits in the 50L pack. When you have a larger pack it can be tempting to feel like you need to fill it all up.

01-19-2014, 10:26
Thanks! All Great points! I was leaning towards the 70L so I could ressuply less often on food