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Damn Yankee
01-17-2014, 12:45
So, I am in the market for a hiking boot in the $150-$175 range and have a few questions. What or where is the best place to be fitted? And how should they fit? I have slight flat feet in 7.5 EEE, do I need to go up a 1/2 size or full-size to allow for heavier socks? I won't be doing a thru-hike anytime soon but hope to do 327m in May. I will also add that at this point my ankles are not as strong as they used to be.

01-17-2014, 13:45
Keep your packweight light & use trail runners. New Balance makes some wide shoes. Personally, I use Brooks Cascadias (size 13 for my thru-hike; regularly wear 12s). I'd also recommend light to medium weight socks. They dry faster.

Damn Yankee
01-17-2014, 14:14
Thank you for the info. II did look at the Brooks

01-17-2014, 14:36
I wish I could tell you where to go to get a good fit. From my experience, it is a bit hit and miss. It seems like one gear store will have that one person who seems to be an expert at helping you get a goot fit... while others will be populated with collage kids who have only been given a few pointers on how to help customers try on boots.

So for starters, I would recommend that you simply try a couple of different local stores. While working with the sales clerk, if you're having problems finding a good fit, and the store has a resident expert, the clerk will eventually either call the expert over, or tell you to come back when the expert is on duty. If they don't have an expert, you'll get that blank stare or nonsense answeres as you press for help.

On the subject of socks, bring to the store the exact pair of socks you plan to hike in. The thickness of sock, and whether you use a liner or not will change the volume of space needed inside a boot. So you might find that you need a size 8 for a medium weight sock but a size 8.5 for a heavy weight sock.

Can you raise your price range by about $50? If so, I would highly recommend the Salmon Quest 4D

I was having problems finding a boot that seemed to fit well. I wound up purchasing a pair of Scarpa from one of those 'blank stare' clerks for the price range you're talking about. But the boots just tore up my feet, even after they were sufficiently broken in . I was able to return the boots with the store's "satisfaction guaruntee" policy, and eventually tried the company's other local store where I did run into a fit expert.

I eventually settled on a pair of Salomon Quest 4D boots, and they've been wonderful. Where my previous pair of LaSportiva's left my feet hurting after about 6-8 miles, the Salomon Quest still felt great past 12 miles (by which time it was my body and not my feet that were given out).

Unfortunately (in price), the Salomon Quest consistantly gets good reviews (4-1/2 stars out of 5 with 244 reviews at REI) and therefore the boot itself never goes on sale. Their retail price is $230. But everyone is selling it for that price. So if you can find any retailer with a discount card or discount coupon, you can find them for a little cheaper. (As an example, REI.com seems to twice-a-year send members a coupon for 20% of a single item, while places like CampSaver.com and Campmor.com are frequently sending out 10% and 20% discount coupons (some of which you can find by simply searching for coupon codes online).

01-17-2014, 15:10
New Balance has a list of their shoe lasts on their Web site. It's worth studying. Me self I have found it hard to fit into trail runners and I think that's because they are size for an Oriental or European foot - narrower and shower than mine.

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Odd Man Out
01-17-2014, 15:31
I've been liking my Keen Voyageurs (non waterproof).

01-22-2014, 09:30
Tried 2 pair of New Balance MT710G02. 13, 2E - too long too narrow, then 12, 4E - short and pinching outside toes, both feet.
About to give up on NB then weighed them.
NB MT710G02. 12, 4E 10.4 Oz (left shoe)!
Keen Targee II 13's - 21.6 Oz (left shoe)!
Ordered a pair NB MT910RDs in 12.5, 54E.
One more try.