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09-05-2002, 19:17
Mary's Rock in Northern SNP near Panorama is a great hike, and if your willing to spend a day in the area you can watch both sunrise and sunset from the sumit. a beautiful area especialy on clear days. In the fall i imagine it must be one of the most spectacular views in SNP second only to hawksbill. theres a shelter about three miles off which you can night hike to reletively easy after watching the sunset, plenty of area to camp around it if it is full. a great area.

09-06-2002, 08:48
1. strickly speaking Mary's Rock is in the Central District of SNP - its 1.7 (AT) + 0.1 (Blue) miles south of Panorama or 1.9 AT miles south of US 211 - US 211 is dividing line between Central District and Northern District of SNP

2. The shelter mentioned above is the Pass Mtn. Hut, 1.2 + 0.2 north of US 211 or 3.1 + 0.3 north from Mary's Rock - generally a good spring

3. There is a day use only shelter (with table I think), Byrd's Nest #3, on the AT 1.2 miles south of Mary's Rock - good for lunch or dinner break. Piped water may be available ("warm months only"), if not spring available approx 0.2 down service road. Area is checked by rangers in evening to insure no camping in the area.

4. A 360 degree view is available from Mary's Rock if one is willing to do a bit of rock scrambling - approx 60 yards south of the main viewing area is a rock one can climb to that gives the 360 degree view.

09-06-2002, 18:07
Yes, exactly, however the spring at pass mountain hut has been poluted, although the water coming straight out of the pipe is fine. aparently somone put somthing into the pool underneath, either dishes or somthing, but there is a visible oil slick (maybe just olive oil or somthing like that, or soap even, i dont know) but it is still present.

12-23-2004, 14:13
If you're looking for great views in Shenandoah NP, there are several better overlooks that are more accessible (easier hike) to boot! Mary's Rock might be the biggest (if not steepest) elevation gain on the AT in the park...

In no particular order:

1. Blackrock
2. Hawksbill (1/2 mile of AT)
3. Old Rag (not on AT)

There are several others, but I give Mary's Rock the nod over them.