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09-04-2005, 21:45
just made myself a very light tarping accessory- free!

one and a half (ok, two) plastic garbage bags.
about one roll electricians tape.

I had these on hand- but it should be fairly cheap even if you start from scratch.

slit the first bag along the edges so you can unfold and make a long strip of plastic. cut this in half long ways. tape along the long edges on both, making two tubes. gather one end on each skin to make a tight tapered end. Tape in place.
Take the other bag, do the same minus the tapering. You will need half to cover the rest of the tarp (I've found) and so you have the other half spare. Either cut and tape to both existing skins, or save tape and have a long skin and a short skin.

Ok so, my explainations are probably hard to visualize- but if you have seen snakeskinz (hennesy) python skins(JRB) or hammock tubes(risk), it should be easy to see where I'm comming from.


Just Jeff
09-05-2005, 01:54
What a cheap way to make such a useful piece of gear! Skins sure make hammocks and tarps easier to set up, especially if you have an underquilt.

I just made some tarp skins out of bugnet...very light, and the tarp can still kinda dry out when I put it in my pack's outside pocket.

09-06-2005, 20:34
Thanks Jeff! Yeah- the drying thing is gonna be an issue- but snakeskins are the only way to keep a "hung thing" organised!