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Crazy Larry #1
01-23-2014, 10:01
I hope that this physically challenged vacation/hike you are on will be a success! And I hope when you are in Damascus drop in and see me, "Crazy Larry's Hostel"! Some of you will want to stay and if I have room you may but more often the case is that you will want to just drop by and say hey and that's just fine too!

01-23-2014, 10:09
You ROCK, TOW! I highly recommend a stay at Crazy Larry's in Damascus!! He will not disappoint! :)

When I was in Damascus, I had to stop by to meet TOW and his dog Sally!

Crazy Larry #1
01-23-2014, 10:17

01-23-2014, 10:32
Thanks for the welcome TOW. :)
I'll stop by for sure!

01-23-2014, 11:19
wow what a great commercial :)

01-23-2014, 14:08
Love it! Thanks for the welcome :)

Valley Girl
01-23-2014, 14:12
Jake and I will stop in and say hello:)

Crazy Larry #1
01-24-2014, 18:00
Had a section hiker, the infamous Rassty, stayed last night...

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01-24-2014, 21:14
Wait what?? Rasssssty!!! Aww... :D

01-24-2014, 21:56
I'll be there the end of June. Hopefully you'll still be open?

Crazy Larry #1
01-25-2014, 06:11
Unless God or some other entity has another plan I will be here

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01-25-2014, 16:19
if I make it to damascus. I make it. thanks tow

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