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01-23-2014, 14:11
Goal Zero Portable Power Essentials Kit is $70 today at woot.com
www.woot.com/offers/goal-zero-portable-power-essentials-kit (http://www.woot.com/offers/goal-zero-portable-power-essentials-kit)

Goal Zero's Portable Solar Power Essentials Kit is the ultimate solution to keeping your handheld electronics charged up while you're out trekking, traveling, or anywhere you go. Use the Nomad 7 solar panel to charge up your cell phone, GPS and iPods directly using the USB port. Store your solar power in your Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack. Use the Guide 10 Plus to power up your cell phones, Tablets, GPS, iPods, Cameras and really anything that can charge off of the 1 amp USB port . The Guide 10 also includes a built in LED light that lasts up to a 150 hours. You can also charge up your AA and AAA batteries as well through the Guide 10 Plus. Plug in the Luna USB Light into the Guide 10 Plus or your laptop to brighten up your night. The Nomad 7 has a built in pocket to store your Guide 10 Plus or cell phone and folds up to be lightweight, compact, and weather resistant.

Keep your power hungry phone juiced and ready for you to use
Power up your tablet for 25% longer
Recharge up the AA or AAA batteries right from the sun
Small and compact enough to carry with you always and power up anywhere
Handy built-in LED flashlight in the Guide 10 Plus to help you search in your dark backpack or purse
9" bendable cord lets you secure the Luna USB Light around objects
Kit includes:
- Nomad 7 Solar Panel
- Guide 10 Plus battery pack
- 4 AA and 4 AAA rechargeable batteries
- Luna USB LED light

Nomad 7 Solar Panel Charging Options:

GOAL ZERO Guide 10 Plus: 2-4 hour charge time
Cell phone, MP3 player: 1-3 hour charge time
Smart phone, GPS, USB camera: 2-4 hour charge time

Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack Charging Options:

GOAL ZERO Nomad 7 (solar port): 2-6 hour charge time
Any USB Power Source: 6-10 hour charge time

Shipping Note: Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is not available for this item

Warranty: 1 Year Goal Zero

I have been accumulating gear for our spring backpacking trip, and had the Goal Zero Switch 8 Solar Kit on my "to buy" list. When this became available, I snapped it up! Its a little heavier than the Switch 8, but the cost savings and versatility were worth it.

01-23-2014, 15:27
I have this same solar charger but I have the Switch 8 charger and have to say I never go on a trip with out them.... I start my trips off with the switch 8 already charged up and the only thing I use it for is my cell phone, Music, photo's and taking video's, O and I will some times bring my blue tooth speaker ( luxury item ) and charge that as well.. If I am only re charging my cell phone I can get just about two full charges out of one full charge on the switch 8... It's a most have in my eye's....

01-23-2014, 15:46
I have an older version of the Nomad - was the "Adventurer" kit or something like that - paid WAY more than the woot price. Great gear - awesome deal, IMHO. I'd grab another one, but buying more stuff right now would relegate me to the doghouse for sure!