View Full Version : Snowshoes

01-28-2014, 16:05
How much snow and what kind of snow does it take for you to break out the snowshoes? Would you ever hit these conditions on the AT with a mid March to April 1 start date?:)

01-28-2014, 16:53
Snowshoes would be overkill for a mid-March start. Heck, even microspikes may be overkill. :)

01-28-2014, 17:47
over 14 inches of virgin snow, as soon as someone postholes it makes using the snowshoes even less convenient

if the conditions are such that snowshoes are essential 4 miles a day can be close to the limit

01-28-2014, 18:13
I feel the same way Mags. I have never worked with snowshoes before so I was just wondering under what conditions you would wear them.

01-28-2014, 19:16
At least a foot or more. It's got to cover all the rocks and tree branches first or it's a real pain.

Feral Bill
01-28-2014, 20:10
+ 1 on the above. There's a grey area in there, depending on mood, snow density, group size, and so forth. They are a lot of weight on your feet.

Tipi Walter
01-28-2014, 21:06
This is mostly the reality of Appalachian winter snows where the green tunnel collapses on itself, something I call Snowdowns---think blowdowns. Snowshoes would be laughable---just have a good stout rain jacket and practice crawling on your belly with a 50 lb pack on your back. In fact, tonight would be a good time to practice in the backyard --- just crawl in the snow for several hundred yards with a pack and you should be ready to hike the AT in deep snow. The lesson on postholing comes next, WITHOUT snowshoes.