View Full Version : What are you neglecting by being here?

01-30-2014, 22:48
For me - work, like the poor, it's always with me

01-30-2014, 23:32
Mostly sunshine...:sun moonshine too25759 basically killin25760

but I do have my priorites25761so it's all good.

01-30-2014, 23:34
laundry,proper nutrition, showers,work.
just like on the trail.

Odd Man Out
01-31-2014, 00:20
I should be shoveling snow from our blizzard du jour.

01-31-2014, 00:25
Sleep! Time for bed

Wise Old Owl
01-31-2014, 01:38
currently I am covered in Owl Hiker funk.... not by choice.

kayak karl
01-31-2014, 03:16
nothing, i can have more then one screen open :rolleyes:

01-31-2014, 04:21
Sleep. I have to be up in an hour to catch a flight anyway, might as well stay up at this point.

01-31-2014, 04:54
Nothing, if I wasn't doing this I would be doing some other nonsensical thing.

01-31-2014, 09:29
Work, work, work...

01-31-2014, 09:53
Right now, any number of things. Splitting and moving firewood, gathering kindling, cleaning the house, doing laundry, getting rid of old, useless stuff...

01-31-2014, 10:21
My figure.

01-31-2014, 10:27
My figure.you need to get out more slim.

01-31-2014, 11:01
Work. But, it's okay. I don't mind.

01-31-2014, 11:08
Work. But that's OK because my Boss is watching porn on his computer.

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01-31-2014, 11:35
I tend to view WB from work, so I guess it is taking time out of my business day, but what the heck, I work from home or the coffee shop all week anyway and am constantly connected by smartphone. I've been here 12 years(!) now, so it can't be screwing up my career too much.

Pedaling Fool
01-31-2014, 11:39
Seems like everyone is neglecting work. Me too. I'm an animal trainer; I train animals in those steel cages on wheels;)

01-31-2014, 12:15
What is this thing you call "work"?

01-31-2014, 13:25
I only check out WB during worktime--but since I am the boss, it usually doesn't matter. Never take the time to be on here on weekends--too much outdoors stuff to do!!

01-31-2014, 15:12
What is this thing you call "work"?

I thought the forum software would catch/ delete 4 letter words like that