View Full Version : Campsaver Comming Thru for Me!

01-31-2014, 04:52
After Christmas, I was watching for clearance sales on gear.

Well Big Agnes is changing the specifications on the Copper Spur line of tents for 2014... making them a few ounces lighter. As a result, the 2013 models are getting clearanced. At one point, Campsaver had the UL2 (and the ground cloth) discounted by 25% AND I had a 20% discount coupon they would honor on top of that. That meant I could get the UL2 with ground cloth for a little north of $275. So I pulled e trigger.

However, a few days later, I received an email stating my order could not be filled because the UL2 was on back order and asked if I wanted to wait or cancel the order. So I'm thinking I've lost my awesome deal... after all, how can a clearance item be back ordered?

So I called up Campsaver to see what was the deal. The person I talked to said that Campsaver made an inventory mistake and there were no more 2013 model tents they had in stock. However, assuming the price remained the same for the new and improved 2014 model, they would honor the sale and send me a 2014 model when they came in.

Today, I see that Campsaver has the 2014 model stocked (you have to look at the specs to tell), and I see my order has now been shipped.

So a thanks goes out to Campsaver to honoring their word. I'm now adding them to my main list of online gear stores (REI & Campmor being the primary other two). I've already placed another order with them to get the Exped Air pillow UL.

01-31-2014, 11:41
They are really good! I got a new Gregory bag from them retail @ rei $318.. Campsaver sale w/ coupons $200 and free pack cover. They had no more pack covers in that size so gave me the bag for $25 off, totaling $175, seriously a miracle! I thought it had to be defective but when it showed up it's 100% perfect!