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02-01-2014, 14:05
Just purchased the Montane Featherlight and it seems to be real tight in the armpit area.not much movement at all I bought XXL and im not a huge guy.

Does anyone know if the Rab Microlight is cut the same way. might be a European thing...

02-01-2014, 14:50
Rab's are cut tight also.

I can't compare them to a Montane but a Montbell XL fits me fine, but the Rab XXL was tight in the arms and body on me.

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02-13-2014, 15:15
Montane is by far a tighter fit. Especially in the armpit area as well as overall cut.

5'11", 175 lbs, 42" chest. Longer in torso. I'm usually in the middle of a M & L. On top of layering / non, my deciding factor is generally how pieces fit in the pit and range of motion of arms. I preferred the Montane XL. Some room for layering but not much. With my Rab the large seems true to size, just slightly big for me. RE... North Star & Microlight

That said, I prefer Rab's materials and generally fill power & weights but fit of Montane. I've tried on a number of other pieces by both co's and find my comments hold true for myself in all pieces.