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Tennessee Viking
02-01-2014, 23:58
- Significant progress in planning/creating a multiple routes coming out of the Smokies to the Blue Ridge Parkway.
- High Shoals Creek Bridge was built to cross a sometimes impassable creek along the Parkway.
- Elkin Valley Trails Association is building lots of new trail between Stone Mtn SP and Elkin and planning to build more toward Pilot Mtn SP.
- The Haw River Trail group is working hard in building the new Guilford County Trail from the Greensboro Watershed to Haw River SP, and down the Haw River.
- The Eno River Task Force has completed its last segments in connecting trail from Orange County to Falls Lake Dam.
- Campsites in plans for the Falls Lake Trail.
- Neuse River Greenway will hopefully be completed this year from Falls Lake to Clayton.
- Howell Woods in Johnston County will be a crown jewel destination when entering the Coastal Plain.
- The proposed Bladen Lakes route will be renamed the Cape Fear Arch, and hopefully feature the town of Roseborough and Pondberry Nature Preserve in Sampson County.
- Official MST trail guides are the works for designated sections.

02-05-2014, 17:23
Thank you for keeping us posted on this.

I look forward to hiking the sections of the MST, heck I'm right down the road from some of it. My bigest problem is getting a ride back to my car. Are there any people who do shuttling in the area between Mt. Mitchell and Grandfather MTN ?

I have the FMST website bookmarked. I have taken a good look at it didn't see any of that info. Would it be in Taba Wards trail guide? I have contacted CMC and highcountry hikers, and have never recieved a reply. I must be using the wrong email address.

Any information is greatly appreciated and very welcome. Again thank you for all your help on the MST. I hope to do some distance on it soon!!!!


Tennessee Viking
02-05-2014, 22:41
I haven't seen the latest edition of Taba's guides. But they should have some good contact info. CBS sports in Morganton is another good source of info.

CMS only maintains up to about Black Mtn campground. Check some the task force contacts for the area on the ncmst.org site.

Also PM Grits. He is local to Boone.

02-06-2014, 19:52
Thank you for the info sir. Your help is greatly appreciated and welcomed!!!!!!


Tennessee Viking
02-07-2014, 12:35
Also check with Pineola Inn about getting shuttle info.