View Full Version : New Hikers Seeking Advice for WV Section Hike

02-05-2014, 19:26
I am planning to hike a section of the AT for a week in June with a friend, but we are both new to the AT and backpacking in general so we are seeking any and all advice! We are planning to do about a 73 mile section from Harper's Ferry to Thornton Gap (or the other way around if that is suggested) over 7 days. Are there plenty of places to camp along that route? We have a tent. Are there plenty of places to get water? It will be summer so we are prepared for heat, but any advice on bringing cold gear for this time of year for that section? We are planning to do a lot more research, but I thought this would be a good place to start for general advice and learning some tricks of the trade! Thanks so much everyone! :)

tf bear
02-05-2014, 20:08
You picked a great spot. Go either direction. Go on YouTube and there are several videos that will show the details of that area. Lots of water and places to camp. You will have a wonderful time.

02-05-2014, 20:53

Here's a thread I found on water in that section. It's an older thread but still thought it might be helpful!

02-05-2014, 22:22
I would suggest starting in SNP at Thornton Gap and ending in HF for a cold beer and burger.