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02-07-2014, 17:02
I am mainly a 3 season hiker. For early spring and late fall trips my current set up is:

-Synthetic base
-Lightweight 1/4 zip fleece
-Frogg Toggs rain jacket for outer layer

For camp I add base bottoms and UL down jacket)

I'm considering replacing the fleece with a Marmot Driclime wind shirt or if it's going to be really cold take both. I'm I over thinking this? Would the driclime be any warmer than the fleece? A lot of people on here seem to really love these windshirts and I would like to try one but I don't want to have to carry it and the fleece if I don't have to. Thoughts?

02-07-2014, 21:12
For me the Driclime is a winter wind shirt -- the fourth layer in my layering system. I wear it over my base layer pretty much all day. For me it's better than a light fleece because it's wind proof. When I stop for a break I'll put my down jacket over the Driclime. In very cold weather I bring both the fleece and the wind shirt -- though I don't often wear both at the same time unless it's very cold or I'm in camp.

Wise Old Owl
02-07-2014, 22:47
I think your current set up is fine -

02-08-2014, 09:20
I went through the same question before my PCT hike and I ended up exchanging my fleece for the Driclime. I spent the winter before the hike testing the two out in different conditions and determined that for me, the Driclime was a better choice based on weight, pack volume, and versatility. In winter (today, for instance, I'm packing for a 15-mile ski tour) I'll generally wear the Driclime and pack the fleece.

I don't usually rave about clothing, but the Driclime is probably my favorite clothing purchase of all time.