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02-07-2014, 18:58
I'd like to download a whole bunch of (freely available) podcasts all in one go, i.e., "batch mode", rather than get them one-at-a time. I've poked around some and am not seeing a ready way to do this.
So for example, it would be great if I could say "Give me the most recent TEDtalks in mp3 format up to X gigabytes worth total", and have all of the files come down at once. I can get them one-at-a-time, but it's pretty tedious.

Perhaps this is something that only long distance hikers would want to do (?), but at any rate it strikes me as a problem that other long distance hikers might have encountered and resolved.

TIA for any thoughts on this.

02-07-2014, 19:37
This may work.

For FireFox

Something similar for Chrome:

Down Them Alll! has worked for me in the past. Never used the work-alike for Chrome. May be worth using FireFox just for the extension.

02-08-2014, 00:43
You could even mass-download the Trail Show (http://www.thetrailshow.com/). :banana

02-09-2014, 00:07
You could even mass-download the Trail Show (http://www.thetrailshow.com/). :banana

God help you.. :)

02-10-2014, 11:29
BrianLe if you want to use your phone check out "pocketCasts" it costs just a few bucks but it's damn worth it.


Each podcast that you subscribe to can either auto download or you can download them yourself. You just click on each episode and it'll start to download, takes 2 seconds to queue up a bunch of episodes. I wish I had this on the A.T. a few years ago. On the PCT it'll be great to queue up as many podcasts as possible while in town. You can stream or download to listen later.

I don't work for PocketCasts, I just love the app.