View Full Version : 5000 mAh Battery pack for $16.99 shipped

02-11-2014, 13:47
5000 mAh is what I used for my thru for the iPhone + steripen, more then enough for frequent use on the trail.

at 5.7 oz, includes built in cables:


Use code SAVEPOWER at checkout

02-11-2014, 13:54
Looks like you would also need a 115 volt AC to USB wall outlet adapter to charge from other than a USB source. Doesn't seem to be built in like some.

02-11-2014, 16:42
I picked up the Kmashi 11200mAh (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kmashi-11200mAh-Power-Bank-Backup-Extended-External-Battery-for-iPad-Air-Black-/390693368874?pt=US_Tablet_eReader_Chargers_Sync_Ca bles&hash=item5af723b42a) recently for $19.95 shipped. Obviously the higher capacity means higher weight penalty at 7.9oz. Most of the batteries I saw looked at didn't come with an AC adapter, which shouldn't be a problem since you can use your iPhone/Android/whatever charger.