View Full Version : Fuel for Stove

02-13-2014, 18:16
Hi everyone! The stove I might purchase uses Isobutane/Propane fuel.
My question...have you noticed if this fuel is easy to find at outfitter shops in towns along the trail? I plan to bring an extra can, but I don't want to get involved with something that has limited availability. Thanks so much!

bamboo bob
02-13-2014, 18:37
It is not a problem at all. I used it for three end to end hikes of the AT. I carries one xtra and rarely needed it before finding stores. It's the AT and people sell what people want. Don't worry. On the AT your never far from Walmart.

02-13-2014, 18:38
On the AT you will be tripping over them they are so available. Not only in trail towns and hostle resupplies but hiker boxes and in shelters.