View Full Version : Need some opinions for an alternative Thru in '14

02-17-2014, 22:13
So after exploring the ATC website and mulling over some thoughts I thought I'd bring an idea to you guys and see what some other people's opinions were. What do you guys think of starting a thru hike at Pine Grove Furnace State Park (half-way mileage wise and the AT museum) in mid May, hiking north to Katahdin and then shuttling back down to Springer and hiking north again to the half way point? Keep in mind that I am currently planning a SOBO thru hike starting in mid June from Katahdin.
So far this is what I have for pros and cons:

Starting and finishing at what is essentially my AT stomping grounds (I only live 20 mins away)
Starting on easier terrain to build up to the more challenging NE sections
Not worrying about any closing dates
Missing mud/insects/pests that come with a June SOBO
Having more reliable water sources PA-NY

Missing the psychological boost of having a terminus finish
Missing out on having a continuous trail family
Transportation costs of flip-flopping

Any input is welcome and greatly appreciated!

02-17-2014, 22:25
In purely practical terms there's a lot to be said for your plan. Not everybody's cup of tea but I'd consider it. Go for it.

02-17-2014, 22:52
Hey if I lived in Shippensburg, I could see that as being pretty cool...

Walk the 17 miles or so from Shippensburg to Pine Grove and hit the trail north. Flip to Springer then hike home... turn off the trail pick up Horse Killer Rd then 174 and right back home. Sure you not finishing on Katahdin or Springer, but how many folks could finish their hike right at their front door?

lemon b
02-17-2014, 23:14
Sounds like you'd have big time fun.

02-17-2014, 23:18
Better than just finishing in Milo, ME. (literary reference)

If you're asking because you've simply got the extra time, why not just knock out a bunch of the miles around your home base until mid June, start SOBO from K, and then skip the parts you hiked on your way south and finish at Springer. Hiking further south as fall progresses and keeping ahead of winter, rather than hiking back NOBO into it, might be a plus.

Teacher & Snacktime
02-17-2014, 23:18
Two times the ice cream !!!!