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02-19-2014, 16:26
Pardon my question. I dont have my book yet. What is the first road crossing that a car can get to going nobo from springer ?

Lone Wolf
02-19-2014, 16:27
Fs 42...........

Teacher & Snacktime
02-19-2014, 16:46
USFS 42 at .9mi.....then Three Forks at 4.3 miles....then Hightower Gap at 8+ miles

bamboo bob
02-19-2014, 17:14
FS 42. Leave your gear in the car. Walk up Springer .9 sign in take pictures, go back to car and get gear and walk to Maine.

Hill Ape
02-19-2014, 17:21
dont leave your at 42 for the time length of a thru hike. and i only say this in case you don't know, FS stands for forestry service, its an improved gravel road. no need for 4x4 but i wouldn't do it in a bmw

02-19-2014, 17:47
Would be nice. We would like to do approch trail. And a short leg of the AT. Just have the weekend for now. More later. I would like to be in shape to do a tru in 2015. But work says i can do a weekend now. Just have to get a ride back to start point.

max patch
02-19-2014, 18:02
Nothing wrong with an out and back. You may be surprised at how much a 16 mile shuttle will cost.

02-19-2014, 18:29
My at guide book is on the way. I guess im just jumping the gun some. I just cant wait to get there. My be an out and back i dont know yet.

02-20-2014, 08:26
I ran a Honda civic all over the FS roads in GA including FS 42 a week after a hurricane, the roads were fine but there were a few trees that partially blocked the roads. Lot to be said for doing a key swap with someone.

02-20-2014, 08:31
Woody Gap just east of Suches, Georgia. Much easier to get to by car. :)