View Full Version : "AT Kick Off" at Amicalola...anyone going?

Nick P
02-19-2014, 23:33
I just reserved a tent site for Friday (none were available for Sat).
Has anyone been to prior years'?
Worth it?


02-20-2014, 07:39
I can't help you. until your post I've never heard of this event. maybe because it's so close to the start dates for most thru hikers that it would be difficult logistically to get to springer (and back) twice in a short time frame. I would imagine if it was held in late March/early April it would be more publicized or known.

02-20-2014, 08:01
Perfect timing for me, I am leaving on Sunday March 9th. So see you there...

02-20-2014, 10:28
I've got it penciled in my calendar for Saturday (I'm just a couple of hours away). I will likely combine it with a trip to the Hawk Mt section for trail maintenance.


02-20-2014, 14:21
I had considered attending but 4shot is correct, the logistics are too difficult.
I'm flying to Atlanta April 5th from Toronto for my hike so it just didn't make much sense.

I'm jealous though and hope you guys have fun!

03-14-2014, 15:22
The wife and I attended ATKO and stayed at the lodge. We had a terrific time and my wife especially since she's not a hiker. She learned a lot and said several times how glad she was that she was there. Got to meet Gene Espy and I won his book at the raffle. Gene signed the book and spoke with me a long while. He's a talker. Thank you to all the vendors and speakers that attended! - Stew

O-H-10 Lil Ohio
03-14-2014, 15:57
I was not aware of the ATKO, however, I did reserve a tent site Sat thur Tuesday and I will drive down to Amicalola Falls on Sat from Culpeper VA. I will be driving south by way of Interstate 81, TN, Franklin, NC, Haiwassee,GA Amicalola droping off some stuff on the way. I will be doing some hiking and trail majic in and around GA/NC. with some other hikers from Atlanta. Thanks for the heads up. Tic Toc

O-H-10 Lil Ohio
03-14-2014, 16:07
Sorry for the post folks, looks like I missed the dates by a week, sounds like something I would have enjoyed.