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John B
02-21-2014, 11:23
Hey Trail Crew,

The March Outing is upon us in just a couple weeks. I hope everybody is itchingto get out into woods; these recent warm days are giving me cabin fever. TheMarch project will be clearing the trails alongAuxier Ridge. These ridgeline trails have taken a beating with hard-freezes andheaving ground, then came the ice storm followed by soggy ground and highwinds. You can bet we will find some trees and branches across the trails.

We will be meeting at Grey’s Arch parking lot on Tunnel Ridge. We willsplit into maybe four groups to cover the most ground. Our Chainsaw operatorswill be the team Leaders for their groups. We will support them but also havehandsaws and pruners for the smaller stuff.

So, we meet at Grey’s Arch Picnicarea 9:30 Saturday, March 8th. We will briefthen head to the trailheads in for a day in the woods. As usual, later thatafternoon we will gather at our Volunteers only campground for the dandiestpotluck dinner, and best fireside conversation in the Red River Gorge. Campingis free Saturday night for RRGTC Volunteers. Also, ifyou haven’t got your RRGTC T-shirt yet, we still have a few.

To get to Grey’s Arch Picnic Area; take exit 33 from the Mountain Parkway andturn left under the overpass. Turn right on KY 15 south, about 3 1/2 miles thenturn left on Tunnel Ridge Road, about a mile on the gravel and there you are.If you need more information feel free to drop a note or give me a call.

All Red River Gorge Trail Crew service outings are official US Forest Serviceapproved projects. All Red River Gorge Trail Crew participants sign on asofficial US Forest Service Volunteers. For more information contact the USForest Service Office, 705 College Ave, Stanton, KY 40380 Phone 606-663-0576e106

See ya in the woods, Charlie R.

Charlie Rowe
Daniel Boone National Forest
3451 Skybridge Road
Stanton, KY 40380
(606) 663-0576 e106
rom Charlie Rowe, USFS: