View Full Version : Big Agnes Oak Street Insulated Air Core

02-21-2014, 14:33
I'm considering buying this pad as a gift for my friend; hopefully encouraging him to come join me on a back country trip before the snow begins to melt come spring. This will be his only pad, no doubling up, and we will be pitching the tent directly on snow or freezing ground. Does anyone have any experience sleeping on this pad? I watched a video review and they are claiming something along the lines of great for cold weather, but avoid using this on freezing ground? I have the opportunity to buy this pad for 44 dollars, shipped to my door, but it's basically useless if he wont sleep warm on frozen ground/ snow.

02-21-2014, 14:49
It's an R4 pad, if he has a good bag he should be fine.

The pad is only insulated on one side, so make sure he uses it with the right side up.