View Full Version : Trail legs and snow, snow and more snow.

02-24-2014, 21:46
Well I had a good day of hiking Sat. Mother nature had a different plan for my day than I did. When I got to the trail in High Point NJ. I found it just about impossible to walk thru. Sunk right up to my crotch on every step. I hiked about 100 steps before I decided it wasn't gonna happen. I still managed to get a good day in though. I found some trails going past Summit lake that run parallel to the AT. They had been somewhat packed by a few snowmobiles. Still fell through every few steps so it made for some tough hiking. I was shot after about 12 miles. Getting those trail legs ready. 385 days left for training.

kayak karl
02-24-2014, 22:25
good for you :) last time i was at high point was '73 :)

02-25-2014, 17:00
With the weather this year, sounds like you needed snowshoes.

lemon b
02-25-2014, 18:35
Around here the only activity has been Blotz Road to Warner Hill. A short treck. Bad news is I always find myself carring out other peoples garbage from Warner Hill.

02-25-2014, 19:26
The snow was so virgin and deep I don't think snow shoes would have been easy.