View Full Version : Side Trail Photo Ops

02-25-2014, 16:52
Looking for interesting places and things to photograph along the trail.
I know many of them will be obvious as they are right on the trail, so I would
love suggestions on points of interest down side trails/blue blazes etc.
I don't mind walking a few extra miles to photograph something scenic or interesting.
Examples would be things like: waterfalls, pretty lakes/ponds, old churches,
rustic barns, graveyards, junkyards, flower gardens, hostels - you get the idea.

Any details you can share re description, directions, approx mileage etc would be
greatly appreciated!

02-25-2014, 16:57
Crabtree Falls (in VA between Spy Rock and The Priest) is nice. It's a couple miles off the AT.
Apple Orchard Falls (between Apple Orchard Mountain and Cornelius Creek Shelter) is nice. It's about a mile off the AT.

Both are descents off the AT and involve some climbing to get back.

03-04-2014, 16:35
Anytime you have a short blue-blaze opportunity to see a firetower, waterfall, bald, etc., take it. Too many to list.

03-04-2014, 16:57
Just south of Muskrat Creek Shelter in NC there is a blue blaze to Raven Rock which has a beautiful view back towards Georgia's hills. It's a short hike and along the way off the trail about 100' is a Cessna that wrecked a few years back I was told. I walked around the wreckage and took a lot of photos. I suggest checking that out, the view from Raven Rock was amazing.

Also, a couple of miles past Long Creek Falls off the first forest road you come to there is an old graveyard. I didn't check this place out myself as I was moving fast being the first day of my hike but I was told it wasn't far off the trail. There might have even been a sign but my memory fails me.