View Full Version : WTB: Six Moon Designs Wild Oasis

02-26-2014, 22:58
Looking to buy a SMD Wild Oasis
new or used doesn't matter


Lucy Lulu
02-27-2014, 09:08
Hi Nick

I have one I would be willing to sell if you are still interested?

02-27-2014, 10:26
Just a heads up, I have one and the condensation is a killer in multiple day rain. The mesh gets wet and there is no air passage to reduce the condensation. Also, the walls are not quite steep enough. I am 5'6"and the foot of my sleeping bag gets soaked. Ia am going to keep it though, for a pound it is still a pretty good shelter if you can deal with the downsides...IMHO...

Lucy Lulu
02-27-2014, 12:58
Nick....q-tip is right. Condensation has always been an issue on all of my sil-nylon tarps and tents. I used the Wild Oasis on the CDT and did not have much of an issue with condensation. I am 5'll and set it up as high as it would go, but it would still touch the foot of my quilt. In the cases where there was condensation, I would put my rain jacket over the foot of the quilt to prevent moisture on the bag. This, and setting it high, were helpful, but in the end it is sil-nylon. The weight and ability to handle tough weather made it my go to shelter for that trail.

03-02-2014, 16:08
Thanks for the info guys. Do you have any other suggestions of a tarp that can offer the same protection but can offer better ventilation?

03-02-2014, 22:10
I was happy with the WO on the CDT. I set mine up at 130cm and like LuckyLulu covered the foot of my sleeping bag with my rain jacket if condensation was an issue. I usually opted to camp at a high point away from water. I'd fill a 2L Platy from a water source, lash it to the top of my pack, then hike up to find a camp spot away from water. That seemed to minimize condensation. FWIW, my WO did well in a freak, mid-April snowstorm that dumped over a foot of heavy, wet snow on the PA Mid-State Trail. The snow would cause the silnylon to sag into my face as I slept waking me. I'd then slap at the sides of the tarp, push the snow away from the mesh, and go back to sleep.

For an extra couple $100, you can get a Zpacks Hexamid Plus that is roomier and, made of cuben fiber, doesn't sag and stretch nor absorb moisture.