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B Joh
02-28-2014, 00:19
I'm leaving for Georgia tomorrow and I'll be on the trail Saturday heading north towards Maine. I haven't participated or anything but I just want to thank everyone that does because you guys have been a great resource for lurkers like me. Can't wait and hope to see everyone out there!

2015 Lady Thru-Hiker
02-28-2014, 00:32
Great Luck to you B Joh!! Not headed out myself for a year so will be lolling to see what I can learn from you! Be safe, take care and most importantly - HAVE FUN !!

Odd Man Out
02-28-2014, 00:42
Happy Trails!

02-28-2014, 01:07
Lucky! Enjoy it!

Teacher & Snacktime
02-28-2014, 01:24
Well, I'm sure you didn't get any of the valuable info from a novice like me, so I'm not taking the thanks....but I do want to wish you well and a wonderful hike.
Take Care, and maybe Snacktime and I will get to meet you on the trail.

double d
02-28-2014, 01:29
Enjoy each step!

02-28-2014, 03:59
Have a great hike!!!!!!

02-28-2014, 08:46
Have a great hike may fair weather and good health accompany you on the journey.

02-28-2014, 09:32
Have a great time out there! :0)

02-28-2014, 11:34
Happy adventuring B Joh!!!

02-28-2014, 16:08
Have a great time!

Rolls Kanardly
02-28-2014, 18:24
B Joh
May "Hermes" be there to guide you on your quest.


02-28-2014, 18:59
Good luck and have great hike.