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02-28-2014, 12:05
I retired Jan 1, 2014 and put my stuff in storage and I am departing NM tomorrow, March 1, for the east coast. I plan to be on the AT around April 1 and I plan to start NB in Damascus, VA, although I may pre-start the trail for a week, NB at Springer, and then move to VA, hey, I am still trying to figure the trail and life out?

I am planning on Day Hiking as much of the trail as I can by using my truck pulling my sleeper mini-rv (Little Guy RT) as a base. I get to attend my two daughter's PHD graduation May 23 at Stony Brook University, NY, then I will flip flop and go SB from Katahdin at the appropriate time.

I would like to hook up with someone also wanting to day hike the AT. Two vehicles with two or more hikers should be a great day hiking combo or I may purchase a motorcycle to get around to the other end of a day hike section of the trail.

Happy Trails until we meet again :-?.

devil dog
02-28-2014, 17:12
Woohoo! Shout out to Stony Brook ... my Alum and home town! Also by chance lived in NM Abq. for a year and a half racing bikes and hiking the Sandia's. GOOD LUCK and Have fun!!

02-28-2014, 17:46
My husband wants to do the same thing when I through hike. He doesn't want to camp out. He will day hike some of the trail with me, and there will be some areas where I will stay on the trail for a couple of days while he goes fishing!

Good luck!