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03-01-2014, 19:02
I got a really good deal on a Swift pack, pocket waistband, and U-frame as SMD was closing them in anticipation of their new line of packs. So far, I'm very happy with the pack - it's light, comfortable, and the right size for any trip I might plan. Can't wait for the snow to disappear!

But I've never had a pack with external open pockets before. And after 30-odd years of climbing, I'm a bit nervous about just jamming gear in an external pocket with no zipper or strap to secure it.

So what I propose is to sew two lengths of 1/8" shockcord to each upper corner of the side pockets. I'll then thread the cord through the mesh (I checked - it'll fit) to the centre of the pocket opening where I'll join them with a cordlock, allowing me to cinch the top of each pocket tight. I plan to keep my tarptent in the longer/deeper side pocket and a water bottle and perhaps one or two odds and ends in the other.

I suspect that I'll only use the rear pocket to hold my R1 hoodie, so no need for secure closure there.

Am I being unduly cautious? Has anyone else done this? Any other hints from Swift users?

03-01-2014, 19:56
I have the SMD Starlite, sort of the Swift's big brother, a very similar pack. I've never lost anything out of the front pocket or the side pockets. In the front pocket I keep my sawyer squeeze, evernew 1.5 rolled up for filtering, a gallon ziplock with an eyedropper of soap and an eyedropper of bleach for laundry, and my tyvek mitts. Side pockets hold my tarp, TP kit, 3x3 tyvek "door mat", water bottles and snacks.