View Full Version : Trail Conditions Bennington VT to Greenwood Lake NY

03-04-2014, 20:43
Does anyone know the current trail conditions from Bennington, VT south to Greenwood Lake, NY? Current snow depth on the trail? Planning a section hike for first two weeks in April in that section.

03-04-2014, 22:25
Starting at Route 9? I think you should be fine by the first week of April. The snow pack should almost be gone. B prepared for some snow most likely, but you'll be fine....

03-04-2014, 22:33
FYI, the trail in Vermont is officially closed until Memorial Day. Hikers going through during mud season (which should be pretty muddy this year) damage the trail.

03-04-2014, 22:46
The AT section of Vermont isn't closed, but it's really not a good idea to be stomping through the mud there in early April. Please go some place else. Maybe all the snow will melt in the next 3 weeks, or more can come. March and early April can bring some nasty late season snow storms to this area and with this cold weather sticking around for who knows how much longer well, planning a trip for this area really is not a good idea. I belive once the jet stream stops sending all the storms south, we're going to get nailed in late March and early April. It is the most God awful time of year to be hiking between VT and NY and you will be miserable. Come in the fall when it's prime hiking.

Migrating Bird
03-05-2014, 09:07
I hiked Sages Ravine/Bear Mtn yesterday, 18"-24" snow pack. I agree with Slo-go'en there is a strong chance that we are in for some pretty crappy weather in the next 6 weeks.